The tariff policy of EXP ³

EXP ³ 's tariff policy deserves some explanations!

The very DNA of EXP ³ is to promote the realization of explorations, expeditions and new experiences by making these trips  "affordable"!

What does "affordable " mean in this world where the vast majority of men cannot claim to live with dignity?

It would be improper to say that €3000 is very affordable for a 21 day trip to the bottom of Chad with the world specialist in Saharan rock Art! Especially for those who cannot afford to dream!
Yet these €3000 become  "affordable " for this same trip, when most of the time it is imperative to create its own "private shipment" to make this trip under similar conditions. In this case, rates would be multiplied by 4 or 5!

Rates : instructions for use
EXP ³ Only Practice group travel (called in the Jarguon GIR – Group composed with individual travellers regrouped).

For this reason, the pooling of the coaching teams, the pooling of the means of transport (minibuses, Boats, 4x4...) mean that the purchase price of a service is lower when the group consists of 15 people, rather than when it consists of 4 People! Normal... The salary of the guide is divided by 15 instead of 4. Ditto for the rental of a four-wheel drive vehicule, the boat or the caravan camel !

As a result, EXP ³ decided to charge its travellers – when possible – the fair price.

Namely :
When the group is small (4/5 people), a supplement called "small base" is applied.

On the other hand, when the group is more consistent (12 to 15 people) EXP ³ applies to pass on the economies of scales, which he himself realized on the purchase, on the final sale price of his services!

Price from :
Thus, the advertised prices  "from" may be those of the higher filling bases i.e. the price when the group reaches 15 people!

Obviously this price displayed might seem hither and too promising! And none could accuse us of exaggeration... However, the purpose of EXP ³ is indeed to practice a "right" price when conditions allow; Namely, when the group is consistent and economies of scale are realized, it is normal that EXP ³ will pass without having to increase its margin in an ostentatious manner!

And then, it is up to each traveler to be the ambassador of his own journey in order to promote the greatest number of registrations, and consequently, enjoy the low prices!

Apart from these very specific cases where we have the possibility to pass on the price decreases on the higher bases, the prices  "from " are often the result of less expensive seasonality, where accommodation is cheaper... where the plane tickets are the most accessible!

And inversely proportional! Some dates may have substantial – quasi-exaggerated – tariff differences compared to the reference price. This is explained by the "high season", whether it is the result of an increase in habitual or cyclical tourist attendance.

Obviously... we would like to have smooth and cheap prices all year round ! But this is not always possible especially when in most cases we do not master all aspects of the trip and we subcontract them from third parties (airplane, transfer, accommodation...). Whereas in contrast, when we master the whole chain (we did it for years in Sahelian and Saharan Africa), we can offer homogeneous and highly accessible price ranges!

Good plans :
We have classified some trips in the heading  "good plans " because we consider that the latter- although not in promotions - remain good plans under their cheapest prices on the market!

Well... Even if you find in the heading a trip to €3000; Its quality of "good Plans " will tell you that it is at the best price of the market... and it's most likely that you will find the same trip to the competition, 15 to 30% more expensive!

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