Special Conditions of Sale


1. Registration
You can register with our agency or by telephone, either by post or via our website.

This inscription implies acceptance of all our terms of sale. All entries must be accompanied by a deposit of 40% of the total price of the trip per person and by a duly completed and signed registration form. In case of issuance of the fliht ticket at the reservation, the deposit will be at least the amount of the ticket including all Taxes and 15% of the land benefits. The receipt of the deposit implies the reservation only to the extent of the available places. When several clients have registered on the same file, the holder of the dossier agrees to give us all his details and to transmit to all the participants the information relating to their journey. A single invoice on behalf of the holder will be issued.
2. Payment
The invoice is sent to the customer within 15 days after the registration. The balance of the amount of the trip will have to be settled, without any further notice from us, no later than 30 days before the date of departure in cash, by credit card, by bank check payable to Point-Voyages/EXP ³ or by bank transfer (IBAN on request). If the remainder of the trip is not reached on time, Point-Voyages/EXP ³ reserves the right to cancel the reservation without compensation. If the registration is less than 30 days from the start, the settlement must be done at one time and in full.
3. Travel price

The mentioned prices are per person and  "from " depending on the air availability and accommodation at the time of booking. For group departures, the mentioned prices are based on a minimum group. The prices can be increased if the number of participants is less than that minimum. For scheduled flights, packages are calculated on the basis of prices given by the company for a specific rate class. When this class is complete, Point-Voyages/EXP ³ can offer you another booking class or another flight. During these redemptions or class changes, the rate given by the company may be different, and in this case we pass it on the total amount of the trip.


1. Formalities

For all our travels, participants must be in possession of the documents required by the authorities of the visited or transited countries such as passport, parental authorization, visa, vaccines... The formalities mentioned by Point-Voyages/EXP ³ are intended for French citizens and are indicative. The completion of the formalities rests with the customer who will have to make sure before his departure any modifications. Persons of foreign nationality must inform themselves and enquire, before registering, on the necessary administrative and sanitary formalities, in particular with the competent embassies and/or consulates. Point-Voyages/EXP ³ cannot be held responsible for the non-boarding, and its consequences, of a traveller due to non-presentation of documents (airfare, police, customs, sanitary). No refund will be issued for the price of his trip.
2. Security
We strongly advise our clients to consult the website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (www.diplomatie.gouv.fr) in order to learn about the geopolitical, sanitary and climatic situation of the countries you will visit.

We draw the attention on the fact it is forbidden to buy counterfeit products, narcotics or objects from historical and archaeological sites.


1. By the customer
Any request to change the file (change of date, participant, airport, benefits...) must be made in writing. It can only take place more than 30 days from the start and results in the collection of €80 charges per person. These fees are not covered by the cancel option.

2. By Point-Voyages/EXP³
External events in Point-Voyages/EXP ³ may impose, before departure, a modification of the trip, in this case, Point-Voyages/EXP ³ commits to inform the participants as soon as possible. Program changes (date, timetable, itineraries, accommodation...) may occur during the trip due to organizational difficulties, for security reasons or for force majeure. In this case no reimbursement or indemnity will be payable.


1. By the customer
If the customer is obliged to cancel his trip, he must inform Point-Voyages/EXP ³ by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt; The date of receipt of the letter by Point-Voyages/EXP ³ will be selected as the cancellation date for the calculation of the cancellation fees.
2. Schedule of cancellation fees for flights operated by Point-Voyages/EXP³ : 
More than 30 days of departure : €80 per person.

Less than 30 days of departure : 100% of the total price per person.

3. Schedule of cancellation fees for flights not operated by Point-Voyages/EXP³ : 
More than 30 days of departure : 100% of the total price per person.

Less than 30 days of departure : 100% of the total price per person.

4. Schedule of cancellation fees for packages : 
More than 30 days of departure : €80 per person.
30 to 21 days: 35% of the total amount of the package per person.

20 to 14 days : 50% of the total amount of the package per person.
13 to 5 jours : 75% of the total amount of the package per person.
Less than 5 days of departure : 100% of the total price per person.

5. Generalities

Regardless of the type of trip, it is specified that in the event of cancellation, the insurance premium, the visa, vaccination and modification costs are never reimbursed. In event of interruption by the participant, during the travel, whatever reason, no reimbursement of the unused benefits will be involved. Cancellations of travel, irrespective of the date, do not exempt the full payment of the sums you are indebted to : any reimbursement procedure may be initiated only in this case.
6. Particular case of flights not operated by Point-Voyages/EXP³.

Upon issuance of air tickets (whether a regular, charter or low cost flight) and regardless of the date of cancellation, you will be charged of cancellation fees of 100% of the ticket price.

7. By Point-Voyages/EXP³
If Point-voyages/EXP ³ is obliged to cancel a trip, either because the number of participants is insufficient (the decision will be taken no later than 21 days before departure), either as a result of conditions involving safety, or in case of  force majeure, you will be offered a replacement formula in most cases. In the event of a definitive cancellation, you will be reimbursed in full. If this cancellation is imposed by circumstances of force majeure or for the safety of travellers, the customer will not be entitled to any indemnity.



1. Option "Annulation +" Point-Voyages/EXP³
Point-Voyages/EXP ³ has foreseen the possibility of obtaining the reimbursement of cancellation fees by subscribing to insurance values, a contract for cancellation and entitled "Cancellation + ". The reimbursement of your trip then comes under deduction of a package of €150 per person as well as the cost of the subscription of the contract  "cancellation + " (subscription at the rate of 2.5% of the price of the entire trip). Reimbursement is only on presentation of proofs. The terms of the contract will be attached to the shipment of your invoice and are available here. (Link to the practical info/Insurance Section/subtopic  "cancellation + ")
The subscription is made upon your booking and no subscription is possible within 30 days of departure.

2. Option "Multirisque +" Point-Voyages/EXP³
Point-Voyages/EXP ³ has provided for the possibility to subscribe to insurance values, a multirisk contract entitled  "Multirisque + ". This contract assures the subscriber for the repatriation, for cancellation, and ensures his luggage for the duration of the stay. The cost of underwriting the contract  "Multirisque + " is at a rate of 3.5% of the price of the entire trip. The terms of the contract will be attached to the shipment of your invoice and are available here. (Link to the practical info/Insurance Section/subtopic  "Multirisque + ")
The subscription is made upon your booking and no subscription is possible within 30 days of departure.


No price dispute will be admitted upon your return for any reason whatsoever. Some errors may slip in the edition of certain prices, they must be reconfirmed to the order to be valid. Tailor-made or exclusive stays will be subject to a variable rate adjustment according to the customer's requirements.
Promotional products are subject to special conditions of sale; promotional tariffs are neither refundable nor modifiable nor retroactive and must be paid in full upon the booking.
In accordance with article L211-13 of the french tourism code, the prices of our travels may vary upward or downward, without any possibility of cancellation, your refusal to settle this rate adjustment will be considered as a cancellation on your part resulting in the application of the schedule of cancellation fees in 3 cases :

1. Changes in exchange rates (dollar, Ouguiya, dinar, CFA...) applied to the calculation of the price of the benefits of your trip. Rate of 01/05/2018.

2. Changes in the cost of transport related to the cost of fuel.

3. Changes in the fees and taxes related to the benefits offered, such as landing, embarkation, landing fees at airports, entry into national parks... Point-Voyages/EXP ³ will pass on the entire cost that it undergoes on the customer. Rate of 01/05/2018.



1. Number of participants

The maximum number of participants is indicated in the travel description. However, this limit may be exceeded exceptionally if the last person who registers wishes to travel with one or more other persons.
Are included in the duration of travel, on the day of departure and on the day of return; As schedules are not known at the time of publication of the brochure and technical data sheets, the first and last day of travel may in some cases be devoted only to flights and transfers. Departures and arrivals can either be very early or very late.

2. Special requests
Any special request from the customer may result in a fee surcharge. Service providers to whom Point-voyages/EXP ³ may call on the manufacture of its travels retain in any event their own liability, Point-Voyages/EXP ³ cannot be confused with these same providers.

3. Responsabilities
Each participant is aware that, with the nature of the trips we organize, there are certain risks associated with the remoteness of the medical centres. He assumes them with full knowledge of the facts and undertakes not to carry the responsibility for accidents which may arise, Point-voyages/EXP ³ or its guides or its various local providers. This is also valid for the right holders and any member of the family. If circumstances so require and in particular to ensure the safety of the whole group, but also for climatic reasons or unforeseen events, Point-Voyages/EXP ³ reserves the right directly or through its escorts, to substitute a mean of transport, accommodation, the itinerary, as well as dates or departure times, without the participants being entitled to any indemnity. Each participant must comply with the rules of prudence and follow the advice given by the attendant. Point-Voyages/EXP ³ cannot be held responsible for accidents that would be due to the individual recklessness of a member of the group.

4. Expulsion of the group

Point-Voyages/EXP³ reserves the right to expel at any time from a group, a person whose behaviour may be considered to endanger the safety of the group or the well-being of the participants. No compensation would be due.

5. Recognition Trips

Point-Voyages/EXP³reserves the right -as part of the opening of a new destination as well as the opening of a new journey- to propose to its voluntary participants a first start, organized according to a principle of "travel of recognition".
This type of trip is intended to put in real condition, like a "Test " travel, a group of voluntary participants, so that they can validate a route, check the quality of an organization as well as the organizing capacities of a receptive agency, test Logistics and be the guarantors of the smooth running of this new travel.

The "recognition trip " will be announced to its participants prior to their registration. Either by the annotation made on the product sheet on the website, either by the advertisement of a newsletter, by a promotional brochure... or some other form of written communication.
Travellers who have voluntarily subscribed to these "recognition trip" undertake, both now and in the future, no recourse of any kind whatsoever or any claims for compensation against Point-Voyages/EXP ³, in the event that the travel realized would not correspond, in its entirety or in part, to the product described in the customer master, for any reason whatsoever.
Point-Voyages/EXP ³ recalls that these are  "Test " travel in order to validate or not a destination, a trip, a transport company, or any other provider. Also, Point-Voyages/EXP ³ can not guarantee the completeness of the planned services, accommodation, means of transport, travels; This list is not exhaustive and discharges all responsibilities related to the failure of one of the benefits.

It is therefore useful to recall that these "recognition trips" are intended for participants wishing to live a singular experience, in order to encourage Point-Voyages/EXP ³ to broaden its range of travel, while promoting a qualitative improvement !


1. Passenger information
In accordance with Decree N° 2006-315 of 17/03/2006 (art R211-15 to R211-20 of the Tourism code), the customer will be informed of the identity of the carrier (s) or de facto, likely to carry out the purchased flight.

2. Generalities

Any place purchased on a charter flight and not used for the one-way or return flight will not be reimbursed.
On certain dates, the purchase of flights may be refused, a priority being given to passengers who have booked a stay on the spot. In the event that the number of passengers is insufficient on a flight, Point-Voyages/EXP ³ reserves the right to modify the planned flight in order to be able to group the passengers on another flight or to cancel the scheduled flight. Furthermore, Point-Voyages/EXP ³ reserves the right in case of facts beyond its control or technical constraints, to convey its customers, by any mode of transport of its choice without any compensation being claimed by the customers, as well not to advance or delay the scheduled flight date of more than 48 hours. Point-Voyages/EXP ³ undertakes in this respect to inform, as far as possible, its customers from the new data. The flights can be non-stop or with stopover; or may have one or more stopovers with a change of aircraft  without being known at the date of the reservation. This information could only be known on the day of departure.

3. Convocation
All information concerning the trip (timetable, airport, flight number, type of aircraft, stopover) will be communicated by sending a written summons one week before departure. This information is given for reference. Some modification can also be made even after the confirmation of the carrier, and will not be able to incur the responsibility of Point-Voyages/EXP ³. All costs related to those changes remain (parking, hotel, bus, shuttle, taxi, ticket...) at the expense of the customer.

Attention: For cties with several airports, there is no guarantee that your return flight will arrive at the same airport as the departure. These possible changes remain the sole responsibility of the airlines, no support for the resulting costs will be made.

4. Open Tickets
Open tickets are not a priority and are valid for 1 year. It is imperative to communicate your return date to Point-Voyages/EXP ³ or to our local correspondent as soon as your return flight will be confirmed according to the availability of the flight proposals. An unused Open return is lost.

5. Luggage
The weight of the checked baggage is limited to 12 kg per passenger on charter flights and 20 kg on scheduled flights (tbc). In case of overweight or volume, a surcharge will be required. Only one hand baggage is allowed in the cabin and remains under your own responsibility. For your carry-on baggage, during the safety checks, you must now present separately in a closed plastic bag, with a size of about 20 cm by 20 cm, your vials and tubes of 100 ml maximum each. In the event of a late loss or movement of baggage, only the airline is responsible (Montreal Convention of 28/06/2004). In case of a loss of baggage, in order to be able to claim compensation, it is essential to have a report of irregular baggage at the destination airport.

6. Meal Trays
In case of non-presentation at the airport or cancellation within 5 days of your departure, the meal trays are not reimbursed.

7. Ticket loss or theft
All consequences arising from the loss or theft of the ticket remain the responsibility of the customer.

8. Recommendations
The numerous rotations carried out by the aircrafts, particularly during periods of affluence and the safety imperatives, which first of all, can lead to consequent delays. Point-Voyages/EXP ³ can not be held responsible for these delays caused by external events such as strike, technical incident, air congestion, inclement weather... the resulting costs remain at the expense of the customer.

Reminder: Disturbance of weather conditions and strikes are considered as cases of force majeure. We therefore recommend that our customers do not foresee any commitment and in case of pre or post-routing by their own means to provide a minimum security connection and to reserve means of transport that can be refundable or even reimbursed in order to avoid financial loss.


Any claim must be made by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 15 days after the date of return. After this period, no claims will be accepted. We will consider as effective the date of receipt of the letter in our offices.


Any dispute arising from the above conditions is the responsibility of the Aubenas Commercial Court.

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