Groups and travels made to measure

Groups :

If you are already a group of 3 or several dozen persons , you can privatize a trip we propose in the catalogue.
Each case is special and deserves to be studied by our teams. So do not hesitate to ask us if a project dears to you. With friends, family, club or association, each trip can be organized and privatized. Please let us know.
Privatizing a group can cause an increase or decrease of the catalogue's price. Everything will depend on the number of participants, the transport modules, the accommodation possibilities and the number of supervisors...

Travel (Expedition/Exploration/Experience) made to measure :
Like the "Groups ", custom trips can be made on request.
If you have a project, on a proposed catalogue destination, whether it is in an area already covered or in an area that we do not specifically serve, our teams may be able to offer you a "à la carte" trip.
On simple request, a route will be studied together and a tariff proposal will be suggested to you.
The "Travel " is our passion. To study a custom trip is a service that we give you with great pleasure. And then... projecting on such a trip... it's like we're leaving too... So as soon as we can escape on the ground or in our heads... it's always a pleasure!

Remarks :
Studying a custom trip is sometimes consuming. It takes a lot of skill and many round trips between you and us. Especially when you want a very "sharp" route.
Sometimes... when there are too many changes, we may be able to ask you for additional file fees (up to €100/person) to fill the cost of time spent on your file!

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