Confirmed departures

For some years now, we have noticed that our travelers were very sensitive to the confirmation of the tours.

The reason... What could be more unfair than to project itself in a project of expedition or exploration, to register... and to be heard at 30 days of departure, that the tour will not be able to take place, for lack of participants!

That is why, for more transparency, and because we want your tour to actually start on the day of your inscription (preparing a trip is as important as the trip itself), we have made the filling of tours readable .

This can be read according to several  "statuts ", described as follows:

Confirmed departure :
The trip has enough registrants to be sure to leave. The group has reached its minimum registration to be guaranteed... therefore its status changes and the start becomes  "confirmed ". Any new registrant will be sure to leave (except in exceptional cases, such as a massive and unpredictable cancellation). He will therefore be able to begin his travel preparation (formalities, health, information...).

In the process of confirming :
The trip already has one or more registrants. On the other hand, the minimum number of participants is not yet reached. Will your registration result in a change in status?

A trip  "in the process of confirming " foreshadows the enthusiasm of travelers for this trip on a specific date. It becomes very encouraging to have access to this information when you plan to make a trip!

Full :
No need to describe this situation! The trip has been very successful, it is now full. If our capabilities allow it and the terrain allows it, then maybe the capacity of the group will be doubled?
Otherwise, you may be able to appear on a waiting list in case of cancellations!
Therefore, if your availability does not allow you to postpone your departure on another date, if this trip was that of your dreams... do not hesitate to ask us about the possibility of registering on an already complete journey. A rescission can take place at any time!

From... x participants :
A trip must have a minimum of participants to be insured. This number varies from one trip to another, from one date to another. We indicate this minimum by the words  "from X participants ".

If there is no indication, as opposed to the words  "In the process of confirming ", it means that there is yet no registered on this trip! In fact ... you will be the first! But don't be afraid! It's always necessary to have a first registered because the reference "in the process of confirming " ,which will follow, attracts more people!

A date or the programming of a trip can be cancelled. Either because the date of departure is too close and the formalities too long to achieve, do not allow any more registration! Either because the journey – for various reasons – is no longer feasible at this specific date (security, climatic reasons, exceptional unavailability of airplane places or supervising staff...).

But once again... this reference may not be irremediable! For example, you are 5/6 friends, you decided at the last minute to travel on this trip. If conditions allow, then we can re-open the trip for you!

There aren't any problems, just solutions !!!

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